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Founder & Creative Director

I’ve always imagined how something could be better and drew plans to create it, it turns out that's design!

I'm a designer because of who I am and not the other way around, it’s not a job, it wasn’t even a choice, it runs through everything I do.

It sounds cliché but I eat, sleep and breathe it. Problem solving with aesthetic solutions and a belief that everything could be better.

Couple that hardwired ability with 25 years of consumer brand experience and a relentless passion and enthusiasm for decoding the world and realising what makes people tick and you’ve got a powerful partner in JDO

Outside of JDO, when I’m not rebuilding brands you’ll find me rebuilding motorbikes and without all those annoying clients getting involved! ;)


I guess I’m blessed that my hobby is continuation of my profession - reinvention, reinterpretation, making the irrelevant relevant and the undesirable seductive.
Paul Drake, Founder & Creative Director, JDO

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