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Production Director

My family & friends really get a kick out of telling people that I colour-in for a living...

As a child, who would have dreamed you can be paid to do such work? Gone now are the crayons and scrap paper, replaced by Apple macs and Pantone fans, print technologies and separations. I have no shame in telling you that the work I colour in these days is considerably more crafted than my earlier work!

I'm a team player, and that's what I love about the creative profession and JDO. We have enviable levels of camaraderie. I can't think of another industry I would like to work within, now that my professional footballer/downhill skiing dreams have fallen by the wayside. A clever man once said, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". Wise words to live by.

I have many look-alikes, although the most common association is a sloth.



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